CBD for Golfers


Golfers, just like other athletes, must take care of their bodies so they can continue to enjoy the game and perform at their best. Unfortunately, anyone who plays golf is susceptible to injury at some point or another. That’s why it’s extremely important to proactively give your body the necessary support to ensure you are putting yourself in the best position to avoid those unnecessary discomforts and injuries.

Equally important, a great round of golf requires the right metal attitude, which includes focus, clarity, and a relaxed mind. Many nerves are involved with sports, especially golf, you could say that the mental side of the athletics is just as important as the physical side. CBD can help golfers in a multitude of different ways. Let’s just say, it can be a game changer.

Common Physical Challenges of Golf

When people think of this sport, they may not identify the physical challenges that are present in maintaining the endurance required and a good swing. But just like any other sport, there is the chance of injury.

Some of the common injuries that golfers incur to their bodies are discomfort and aches in their back, elbows, shoulders, knees, ankles, feet, neck and wrists. Pretty much everywhere.

Back discomfort can occur from spending hours swinging a golf club and bending over, which applies continuous pressure to the same muscles and joints. This constant swing movement of twisting the spine repetitively, overtime aggravating the back muscles, can create tension, strains and even an injury.

Aches in the elbows and shoulders can occur from the repetitive motion and impact that occurs when a golfer strikes the ball with their club. These movements can create swelling around these tendons and induces stress to the muscles and joints.

Even the lower body can be affected; like the knees, for example. The constant stabilization of the hip rotation can cause torn or sprained ligaments, with more severe cases causing discomfort to the knees or ankles.

Lastly, the wrist is very susceptible to issues, considering all the ligaments that run through your wrists to help move your hands and fingers. Golfers can be at risk of aches in the wrist from the repetitive movements and force that is being applied during the swing.

CBD Physical Benefits for Golfers

So, how can CBD aid a golfer in the physical realm of their competition? Well, first it can allow golfers to compete more actively and frequently. CBD helps to restore the body to a feeling of wellness by combatting discomforts that may occur due to the repeated movements and stress points. Constant practice and gameplay can lead to increased wear and tear on the body making it difficult to perform and recover. Using CBD daily can help alleviate discomfort, allowing golfers to perfect their swings day after day with no physical pushback.

The aches and discomforts listed in the previous section above can also be benefitted by CBD. Problems like back discomfort and joint aches are directly caused by swelling and strains. Swelling usually occurs when the muscle is being broken down and is trying to recover, but too much swelling can cause fatigue and wear which can be detrimental to an athlete’s level of fitness and performance, especially golfers.

CBD Mental Benefits for Golfers

Now, let’s focus on the other side of the coin and talk about the mental aspect of golf. There are many mental blocks that can hinder a golfer’s performance. The mind of a golfer needs to be clear and focused, having full clarity in the moment so they may compete effectively in the game. CBD can help to balance mood, enhance focus and combat any stress that may be caused by memories of failures in the past, anxious feelings or personal issues that are stopping golfers from being completely focused on their swing. The calming effects of CBD will combat the natural tendency to battle your nerves in the midst of competition.

The game of golf is 90% mental and 10% physical. That is a huge percent difference and staying mentally focused can be proven quite difficult. With the majority of gameplay leaning on the mental side, it is important to maintain clarity and ease. CBD can help golfers by enhancing energy and focus, while calming nerves, so the golfer may do what they do best without interruption from their own mind.

CBD also helps bring homeostasis to your body, helping to creating balance within. This can help with your physical and mental game, since your body is sensitive to shift. This is especially helpful for golfers traveling long distance, since they will be most affected by the imbalance of their bodies.

But we cannot forget the benefits of a good night’s rest. CBD can help aid individuals in their sleep cycle by assisting in a more balanced and restful night that will leave golfers feeling rejuvenating and ready to go.


CBD can be effective for all athletes, even golfers. Understanding that the mind and body are essential for competition is the key to mastering both. Aid your swing by taking care of both aspects and give yourself an edge by taking CBD before you hit the green.

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