CBD Drink Mix Recipes

CBD Drink Mixes and How to Use Them
By: Chrisine M. Ward
CBD Drink Mixes and How to Use Them

CBD infused drinks are making a big splash in the health and fitness sector – exciting news for athletes, busy working folks, and anyone who is following the latest and greatest in CBD. CBD drink mixes are a welcome addition to the wide variety of CBD product choices we now have at our fingertips. But this time, ease of availability comes in fresh and delicious tropical blasts of flavor. No wonder people are so excited!

But with so many of these now flooding the market, you may not know what to choose. Plus, some of them have hefty price tags and really tiny printed ingredients sections on the bottle, leaving you with questions and feeling a little insecure about your purchase.

There are a few important things when choosing a CBD drink mix: Ease of use. Affordability. Flavor. Quality ingredients. CBD benefits for your mind and body. 

We’ll introduce you today to a product line you can trust – and we’ll tell you why cbdMD drink mixes, infused with high-quality superior hemp extracts and carefully selected ingredients, bring you a rush of flavor along with a sense of comfort knowing that you’ve chosen the best CBD for your body. 

Let’s get after some of the big questions today:


  • What are CBD drinks and what’s in them?
  • Who makes the best CBD infused drinks? 
  • What flavors do they come in?
  • What if I have diet restrictions? 
  • Where can I find CBD drink mixes?
  • Are they easy to use? 
  • How can I use them?


What Are CBD Drink Mixes?

CBD drink mixes are CBD products made in powdered form so you can mix them with water and make a quick drink. But they have many applications, and you can tweak how you mix them to make fun recipes. This means you have yet another CBD option to work into your lifestyle, however you like.

CBD drink mixes are non-psychoactive, so they won’t give you a “high” associated with cannabis. This is because there are many cannabinoids found in cannabis, including THC, which causes that high feeling often associated with cannabis. CBD products, if they are labeled broad spectrum, are formulated with other cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plants so you get the benefits without any unwanted effects from THC.

Also, “drink mixes” may make you think of CBD recipes and CBD cooking. While yes, the CBD drink mix powders are similar, CBD drink mixes and CBD recipes are two different things. CBD recipes are exactly what it sounds like: recipes that you make using some sort of CBD product added in so you get those CBD benefits. 

But, while it’s a lot of fun to try out CBD recipes, pick your favorites, and add them into your rotation of fun recipes, you may want a quicker method some days when you don’t feel like breaking out the apron and making a thing of it.

With CBD drink mixes the work is done for you ahead of time and reduced to a powder form that is easily soluble in water or other water-based liquid beverages. Think of the difference in terms of preparation. For example, some days you may want to prepare fresh homemade lemonade from the buying, squeezing, sweetening, and everything. Because it feels good to make things fresh and homemade. Other days, you just want something faster. So, to get your CBD you can grab a quick drink mix, pour, stir, and drink. No fresh-squeezing or mess to clean up.

Convenient, Fast, Easy

While homemade lemonade sounds great and is so nostalgic it makes the cut for those take-me-back kind of movies, it’s not always doable in real life. Maybe you don’t even have a wrap-around porch with one of those lovely wrought-iron settees. In fact, your life is a whole lot messier and faster-paced, and it’s all you can do to find your socks, get all parties in the vehicle,  and make it to wherever you’re going on time. 

For those real-life days – CBD infused drink mixes have got you covered with an on-the-go option that’s refreshing and reminds you that you’ve got this. If you really need a lemonade fix, we’ve got you covered on that too.

Our CBD drink mixes are pre-formulated, like a built-in CBD recipe for you, so that all you have to do is mix, chill, and drink.

CBD Benefits

As a reminder, CBD benefits come from the CBD content and other ingredients supporting it. So, getting in your daily CBD is as easy as taking regular tinctures or capsules, or other forms that fit well with your lifestyle. CBD drink mixes are just one more option to get some beneficial CBD and other cannabinoids working for you. 

The trick is to find the forms that work best for you and which you can use on a regular basis for a targeted CBD wellness approach. 

CBD infused drink mixes are popular in many situations:


  • Replacing morning CBD tinctures with a more refreshing option
  • On the commute
  • Hydration before or after workouts
  • While traveling
  • As a refreshing beverage at lunch or break time
  • As a relaxing treat after work or before bedtime


cbdMD lemonade, kiwi strawberry, peach, and fruit punch cbd drink mixes with a full glass in the middle and various fruits laying around


What Makes cbdMD CBD Drink Mixes Superior to Others?

Because CBD drink mixes and prepared CBD drinks are so popular right now, you may be wondering which are the best CBD drink mixes to use. Here at cbdMD we put a lot of expertise behind our products and choose only the best ingredients for our formulations. Here’s what makes our CBD infused drink mixes stand out from the competition.

Superior Formulation

Our drink mix formulas with CBD are superior to others because we’ve kept your health and wellness central to designing a product that meets your needs while helping you on your wellness journey. Here’s what sets our formulations apart and why people are loving our drink mixes over other CBD drink mixes on the market:


  • 25 mg of Superior Broad Spectrum hemp extract per serving
  • Non-THC formulations
  • Each serving contains 32 percent of your recommended daily vitamin C
  • No oil
  • Fewer than 10 calories per serving
  • Nano-Encapsulated Technology – meaning that individual CBD molecules are housed in a water-soluble shell which makes them suitable for use in any water-based drink – both hot and cold.
  • Easy, pourable powder mix pouches.


Superior Performance

Our CBD drink mixes are formulated to be quickly water-soluble and absorb easily into your system. This rapid absorption makes getting in your daily amounts of CBD easy, quick, and tasty. 

The quick bioavailability of water-soluble powders is what makes this such an effective way to get CBD into your system. They are digested and metabolized more easily than solids, making them a great option for those who love the gummies but want an option that also provides hydration, is easily and quickly absorbed and adds a great flavor-kick to your day.

The benefits of CBD – improved calm, exercise support, sleep support, and other wellness benefits – can help you to meet your wellness goals and stay on track to feeling and performing your best.

CaBougieDo Brings you cbdMD Drink Mixes You’ll Love


For a fresh burst of lemon, try the lemonade-flavored CBD drink mix. 

Lemon flavor makes you think of crisp refreshments on a warm summer’s day, bursts of sunshine, and yes, wellness. Lemons have long been used around the house, in the kitchen, and for an aromatic punch to foods, drinks, and desserts. The clean feeling of lemon and that bite of sour on your tongue makes this a favorite among CBD drink mix fans.

Kiwi Strawberry

For a tropical twist to boost your day, try the kiwi strawberry CBD drink mixes. 

The sweet and smooth flavors of kiwi and strawberry are a winning combination that could turn your morning drive into a soothing and relaxing treat. Beachside or desk-side, this tropical delight will tickle your tongue while refreshing your day.


Nothing says “relax and enjoy this moment” like a burst of peach flavor. 

The peach-flavored CBD mixes could turn your glass of refreshing iced tea into a relaxing peachy beverage. This flavor works well for a drink break at work too, as the flavoring feels so much like a relaxing spring afternoon. Give yourself a boost of peach nectar, take a moment to reset your mind, and get on with the business of your day. 


Someone pouring a cbdMD fruit punch cbd drink mix into a glass of water


Fruit Punch

A CBD drink mix selection wouldn’t be complete without the tang of a fruit punch flavor. 

The pungent twist of fruity flavors goes well with an afternoon snack or on the weekend when you’re hanging out with family and friends. For those that like the tart flavoring of fruit punch, you can’t go wrong with this CBD-infused powder mix. Add in your favorite chunks of fruit for a special blend of fruity calm and a kick of vitamin C.

Directions for Use

As with most drink mixes, using CBD powder is simple and quick. The easiest way to use CBD drink mix is to empty a packet into the water, shake or stir well, and drink up! For best results, use 8 oz or less water per packet. This will help ensure that you get the concentrated power of CBD in a delightfully delicious drink. If this is your primary way of taking CBD, try taking one or two servings every day and monitoring how you feel for 30 days, then adjusting the amount as needed.

If you prefer, you can use any other water-based beverage – coffee, tea, etc. – as your mixer. Our CBD powder works well with hot or cold liquids, though we recommend against freezing the product. It’s also best to consume CBD infused drinks on the same day you mix them up.

You can also pair these tasty CBD drinks with other products, like our CBD oil to help customize your servings, or with topical treatments like our award-winning Freeze and Relieve CBD topical lidocaine for those troublesome areas of discomfort.

For Those with Diet Restrictions

You may have dietary restrictions and wonder if the CBD drink mixes will work for you. Here’s a little information on what you won’t find in our drink mixes:


  • Gluten
  • Caffeine
  • Sugar
  • Milk, soy, or peanuts


For a Little More Fun, Try These CBD Drink Mix Recipe Ideas

The CBD drink mixes offer lots of mixing options for recipes. If you’re a smoothie-lover, these mixes bring all kinds of fun options to brighten your day.

Peach Tea

Pre-brew and chill your favorite black or green tea. Use decaf if you want. Pour a glass and mix in one packet of peach-flavored CBD mix, stir, and enjoy.

Lemon Blueberry Smoothie

When you’re making your morning blueberry smoothie, use your favorite liquids, halved, and add water for the other half. 

Mix in a packet of the lemon-flavored CBD mix, blend, and enjoy. The tart lemon goes great with the smooth and sweet flavor of the blueberries. Use frozen blueberries if you want a cool smoothie.

Make only what you can drink in one sitting so you get in all the CBD with your smoothie. Be sure to finish it when you make it because the CBD drink mixes should be mixed and used, not saved for later.

Kiwi-Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie

Another smoothie idea is to use a combination of water and yogurt for the liquids, frozen strawberries, and kiwi, along with a packet of the kiwi-strawberry CBD drink mix. 

Garnish with a fresh slice of strawberry, pop in a straw, and you’ve got a refreshing beverage reminiscent of a relaxing day in the hammock with a favorite book. 

Tropical Punch Fruit Blast

Mix up a glass of the Tropical Punch CBD mix with fresh, cool water, stir, and then add in your favorite fruit chunks for the perfect patio beverage. 

Want to make an adult beverage out of it? A splash of pineapple juice, ginger ale, and vodka turns this recipe into a fun cocktail for a relaxing evening after a long day at work. Go easy on the vodka, of course – remember that CBD is the star of this cocktail!

CBD Drink Mixes – One More Way to Support All Your Wellness Goals

Whatever your wellness goals, we’re here for you with blogs on CBD topics, lifestyle, health, stress, athletics, skin care, and even pet care. You can find supportive materials in our blog, and we’re here to answer questions you may have as well. 

Visit our website to chat with a CBD specialist, talk with your doctor about your wellness goals, and join our supportive social media communities on Twitter and Facebook. Let us know which of our CBD drink mixes (or recipe ideas) are your favorites!  We’d love to hear from you.

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